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        Jiangsu Lianyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large steelmaking, forging, heat treatment and mechanical processing enterprise located in No.88, Xingda Road, Jianhu Economic Development Zone, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, 231 provincial highway to the east, High-speed, cargo accessibility, convenient exchanges. Company now has employees about 310 people, professional and technical personnel 56 people, including engineers with more than 30. Factory covers an area of 48,000 square meters, construction area of 29,000 square meters, annual production capacity of 100,000 tons forgings, 2021annual sales of more than 600 million yuan .

        Forging large-scale shaft is the most parts of our company (mainly satin Φ190-Φ900 various round steel), while can forging a variety of billet, with advanced steel, forging, ESR and testing equipment, The main production equipment are as follow, 1,000 tons of quick forging hydraulic unit 1 set, 1600 tons of quick forging hydraulic unit 1 set, intermediate frequency furnace 2 set, refining furnace 1 set, vacuum degassing furnace 1 set, electroslag remelting furnace 5 set, continuous heating furnace 1 set, Car type Heating furnace 1 set, heat treatment furnace 10 set, large heat treatment furnace 2 set, and large lathe 3 set. The main test equipment are ,the imported from Germany spectrometer, flaw detector, hardness, metallographic analyzer, the level of high and low Times the detector, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine. We can produce the following 23 tons of various types of forgings, the product of high grain size, less inclusion, can be re-marked more than two flaw detection.

        Since establishment, we always enhance the quality of products, reduce production costs as the core of enterprise development, strengthen technological innovation, and continuously improve the production equipment automation, information technology, and exchange Cooperation with Shanghai University, China University of Petroleum, Northeastern University and other key institutions, Actively introduce outstanding professional and technical personnel to enrich the research team, increase research and development of new products, through the micro-alloying and vacuum degassing method of technological innovation to refine the grain of steel to change the amount of steel inclusions and the shape ,the production of the steel spindle for steam turbine and other products with using this technology has been awarded high-tech products in Jiangsu Province certificate, the company a number of process methods, technological innovation access to national invention and utility model patent certificate, as many years of research and development investment and R & D results, 2014 companies had been awarded the national high-tech Enterprise certificate.

        Our company has the right to operate our own export, Inside includes the administration department, production department, supply department, sales department, quality department, technology center, research and development center, security environment department and finance department, established a Management system who carry out their duties under the leadership of the chairman. Companies pay attention to the building of enterprise culture, developed a more comprehensive management rules and procedures, the various types of operating procedures, assessment system, used in the actual production. From the process of product development, production process control, product testing, performance testing,we have a set of strict management procedures, and in March 2011 passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. The company produces all kinds of steel ingots, electroslag ingots and forgings according to GB, YB, ASTM, EN, JIS and SKF. The development of a high demand for enterprise standards or technical agreements may require delivery to meet the different users of the special requirements of the product.

        Our company adhering to the "customer first, win-win cooperation" business philosophy, with a better, pioneering and innovative thinking of the workforce, to provide quality customer service, has won the trust of customers. Warmly welcome guests from all directions to Jianhu to discuss business, and seek common development plans. Since 2010, the company produced a variety of products sold to Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhejiang, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other parts of the world, award praise by users.


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Jiangsu Lianyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Contact:Zhou Shizhan  +Mobile:13390690788  +Tel:0515-69900969  +Fax:0515-69900928

+Add:Jianhu County Economic Development Zone Xingda Road 88  

+QQ : 416723346


Welcome to Jiangsu Lian Yuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. official website    Tel: 0515-69900969

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